About us

RMCD bvba is an SME and was founded in Flanders, Belgium in 2009.
Fuga Moments imports, markets and distributes high quality cava, wine, frizzante and recently created its own specialty beer.

Tempus fugit - Time flies. We are living in exponential times. Time is more volatile than ever. A result-driven society forces us to meet deadlines that often require excessive effort.

The noun fuga originates from the latin verb fugere and means flight, escape or break away.

Belgium and more specific Flanders is worldwide known as a region with high quality of food and drinks.

We import, create and market unique brands with a stylish, trendy, modern and cheerful image.
We highly value the corresponding convincing, distinctive and coherent philosophy that comes with each brand.

Fuga Moments is continuously seeking independent representatives that respect, spread and uphold the fuga philosophy.