Fuga Moments is continuously seeking independent representatives that respect, spread and uphold the fuga philosophy. As our products are selected so are our ambassadors. Besides the complete alignment regarding our message and corresponding image, fuga ambassadors are recognized by their enthusiasm, drive or passion for gastronomy in particular (sparkling) wines, cava and Belgian specialty beer.

Become a fuga ambassador today.

As an independent franchisee of the fuga brand portfolio you are responsible for the reception, storage and distribution of the goods in your designated area. The goods are delivered by a recognized distributor to an accessible warehouse at the ground floor level. A typical (transit) stock consists of two Euro pallets. The delivery is always scheduled on a weekday during office hours according to your availability.

The products are distributed to local resellers or HoReCa businesses (B2B) or directly sold to customers (B2C). The sales regions are assigned in collaboration with Fuga Moments.

By directly purchasing our selected products at import prices, fuga ambassadors can generate attractive margins without affecting the affordability for the consumer whether the products are sold to regional sales points or HoReCa businesses (B2B), or at popular events.

An ambassador typically represents Fuga Moments at local fairs, home degustations, tastings or other events. For participation at larger events such as festivals, shows, concerts, sports or games manifestations or other contests you can definitively count on professional support from Fuga Moments and most of the time a specific, separate agreement is negotiated.

Nonetheless you are completely free in your approach to reach customers in your local market, Fuga Moments puts a huge effort in providing you with suggestions for initiatives and approaches, marketing tools such as glasses, bars, flags to increase your local sales and, in this way, contribute to the awareness and visibility of our brands. 

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Ambassador testimonials:

  • I already had a large network in local politics and HoReCa. The contact with different people that share the same interest is really inspiring. D.S.
  • I was employed at a catering company and in my spare time I organized tastings at home. Since I work with the Fuga product range, my message is much more clear, people enjoy these products and always take a few bottles home to share with friends, family or colleagues. R.F.
  • This is by far the most fun way to earn that little extra. After my shift work, I enjoy presenting a good glass of wine and hearing the nice comments from my customers. Afterwards I enjoy spending my extra earnings. Twice as nice! J.D.
  • As a board member of our local wine club, it was quite easy to find likeminded connoisseurs. Fuga became a synonym for a great house wine. H.J.
  • I like serving beverages at large events. With support of Fuga Moments, I don't need to bother about a lot of practical concerns. That service is priceless. M.V.
  • Fuga Moments tells a unique story. Sure you can buy other wines or cavas with a good balance between quality and price in the retail. Only the range is so broad in the supermarkets that it is really difficult to identify those products. If you first have to try twenty inferior wines to find a good one which is sometimes only temporary available, it's not only a waste of money but also a waste of precious time. With fuga you get a product which is carefully looked for so that you don't need to worry about quality, price or continuity, they safeguard it. G.W.