Notre Histoire

Belgium and more specific Flanders is worldwide known as a region with high quality of food and drinks.
People living in this area like to enjoy the good things in life and aim for a Burgundian way of living. The most Michelin star restaurants per habitant can be found here while there are 7 times fewer McDonald’s restaurants than in the USA and 2 times less than in France. Landmarks include Belgian chocolate, waffles, fries, cheese and of course beers. Besides our own typical products, as a transit country, we import a huge amount of speciality products. Given this scenario, Belgium-Flanders is probably the most interesting place in the world for all gourmands.

Born in this region, we have seen lots of products in lots of different quality and price ranges. Missing one thing in this excess of supply: a brand which guarantees a good price/quality ratio for its product range and simultaneously associates with a good, cheerful mindset. After identifying this gap, the need for a private label that communicates exactly this information became clear. Affected by daily challenges faced in contemporary society, the message should also contain that you're allowed to relax and treat yourself by spending time with people you love. Creating, sharing and cherishing these moments should be part of the experience regardless of you acchieve these. Keeping all these ideas in mind, the fuga concept was born.
With experience gained from our Belgian way of living and the close involvement with the production of the different products, we are continuously and carefully looking for the best yet affordable products in the world, selected by fuga, enjoyed by everyone.

The company started with different types of cava from Catalonia, Spain. In the spring of 2014, wines from the Languedoc region in France were tasted, blended and eventually selected to become fuga vino. Later on in 2014, a peculiar and vibrant frizzante was identified: Dream Line. The "Magic Sparkling Wine" with its unique appearance originates from Valencia, Spain and has a young, cheerful and glamorous image, a segment which was perfectly complementary to our fuga product range. The most recent project consists of brewing an authentic specialty beer from our own homeland which could not lack in our portfolio.