Notre Philosophie

Tempus fugit - Time flies. We are living in exponential times. Time is more volatile than ever. A result-driven society forces us to meet deadlines that often require excessive effort.
While most people conduct this process to achieve more and eventually hope to live a better life, quality of life is often overlooked.

Nowadays, our busy lives and corresponding lifestyles blind us from our unique capabilities of enjoying our senses and sharing true intense moments. Meeting with friends or family actually became a difficult excercise and requires delicate tuning of our personal agendas. This scheduling has become a sad habit in our hectic lives.
We believe that people deserve to allow themselves such moments of true joy, regardless of how one would bring about this setting. The noun fuga originates from the latin verb fugere and means flight, escape or break away and refers to the creation of relaxing moments to forget about all your concerns and stop worrying for just a moment.

Everyone interprets these moments for themselves. A complete family gathering can be a joyful moment for the grandparents while enjoying a glass of red wine while reading a book in the hot tub can really be de-stressing for your husband or wife after a busy day at work. Preparing a barbecue with your neighbours on a saturday afternoon or going out with friends are other examples of moments that illustrate how great life is.

It’s not the when, the why or with whom, we care about the how. 

Fuga Moments wants to provide our customers with products where you can rely on so one does not need to worry about quality or the budget that is required. In the end you should be concerned with the creation of these moments instead of worrying about these practical issues. We strive to enable this right for everyone by seeking products with an ideal balance between taste and affordability, between quality and price.

Sit back. Take a break. Enjoy something tasteful.

Create your fuga moment.